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Ron Hammonds

Founder and President

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Teena Phillips

KE Resources


Director of

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Every child deserves a chance.

KE Resources child sponsorship program is unique in that we personally know each child. We continue to grow under the compassionate direction of highly trained and well experienced child advocates. Home visits and routine check ups are an essential part of our program. Ongoing communication between the sponsor and the child are both encouraged and facilitated by our Directors. We want you to know your child and we want your child to know you.

Consider becoming a sponsor through prayer and financial support. Together we are changing the world one child at a time.

With just $40 a month you can help to provide:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • School
  • Medical Attention

You Can Make a Difference

A monthly gift of $40 elevates the standard of living for your child and their family. We see a difference in a child when they feel chosen.

A one time gift will be used to further a project aimed at benefitting the families living at Gioto. Projects such as solar lights, fresh water, toilets, school, or other such life giving projects.

When you share our Facebook page and website with your friends, you're giving others a chance to make a big difference with only one small step.

Click the link and fill out the Sponsorship form. One of our staff members will be in touch with you to answer your questions and finalize your sponsorship selection.

Become a KE Partner

Child Sponsorship helps to provide critical assistance in meeting the basic needs of each child individually. 100% of every dollar received for a child goes to the stated purpose for which it was given.

As you might imagine, our KE Sponsorship Program incurs operational and administrative costs not covered by the $40 per month sponsorship commitment. This is why we offer KE Partnerships to individuals, organizations, and corporations. Please consider becoming a KE Partner in addition to sponsoring a child, with either a one time or a monthly gift to meet the broader needs of this growing and vital ministry to these precious children.






Home Visits

Building Shelters

Medical Checkup

Wellness Checks

Our Team

Teena Phillips

KE Resources

International Director of

Child Sponsorship

Teena is a well experienced child advocate, having worked as a court appointed representative for at-risk children in southeast Texas since 2004. As founding Director of the KE Resources Child Sponsorship Program she is responsible for the development and the day to day operations of all aspects of the child sponsorship program on a national and international level. She is dedicated to her work, and leads several sponsor trips throughout the year, connecting children to their benefactors in a personal way. Her motto is “Changing the world, one child at a time.”

Nancy Kibiri

KE Resources

Director of Child Sponsorship, East Africa

As the East African Director of KE Child Sponsorship Program, Nancy is responsible for ensuring each child receives home visits, scheduled medical/dental/vision exams, warm meals, and the intervention and advocation which are sometimes necessary for at-risk children. Nancy coordinates with local, county, and national government representatives to offer each sponsored child the opportunities they deserve.

Serah Gakinya

KE Resources Representative

Thika, Kenya

Serah operates “Serah’s House” in Thika, Kenya, which primarily focuses on young single mothers of small children living in the slums outside of Nairobi. Her outreach and ministry to these women necessitates their preschool children receiving care and attention in a head start preschool education program. KE Resources Child Sponsorship finds and connects sponsors to each one of these preschool children living in dire need. Each child receives warm meals, personal attention, and formal instruction in a classroom environment each day. This enables Serah and her staff to more effectively reach the mother.

KE Resources also partners with several other established organizations to help meet the needs of children in their program as well. It is a goal of KE Resources Sponsorship Program to continue connecting at-risk children with caring sponsors. We ensure each location we manage, maintain, or support receives an on-site visit, as well as weekly contact throughout the year.

See what our

sponsors and volunteers have to say

"Sponsoring children is more than a monthly donation. I get to hold my kids and ask how they are doing. I get to see them in school and send them letters. It’s relationship, not just sponsorship."

-- Ben L.

"The first time I met Brian, he captured my heart. Getting to visit him in Kenya and stay in contact with him throughout the year has made him a forever part of my family."

--Lauren H.

"I’ve helped to build 33 houses this year for many of the families of our sponsored children, some of whom were homeless before. I’ve seen firsthand the difference an investment can make."

-- Brandon F.

Travel with us to meet your child and see

firsthand how sponsorship changes a child's life.

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